After many weeks of intense coding and designing, and many weeks of neglecting this weblog, the website for the Athenian School is now finally finished and online. Check it out at

This site was developed using Dreamweaver MX and a PHP/MySQL server model. It features a full back end homegrown content management system, database driven content, and some very cool design techniques and coding tricks that I’ve wanted to deploy for some time.

I spent a lot more time on this site than the job was worth financially. In some part it was because I just had an opportunity to do something great and felt like it just needed to be done for the sake of it, but another part of me just wanted to somehow try to redeem myself after being such a poor student during my time there. Considering my attendance at the New England Conservatory of Music and finishing both my bachelors and masters degrees there with academic honors and a near 4.0 college GPA, I often wonder what would have happened if I had not fucked off so much in high school.