How to Switch from Safari to Firefox

 I’ve been using Firefox at work lately, and figured it was time to make the switch on my home machine. But I’ve been using Safari for a long time now, and all my bookmarks are in there. But making the switch was relatively painless.

To make the switch to Firefox, here’s what I did:

  1. Download Firefox and install it
  2. Download the Safari Bookmark Exporter and install it
  3. Run the Safari Bookmark Exporter – first click Analyze Bookmarks, select Phoenix/Firebird/Firefox (WTF?) then click Export Bookmarks.
  4. When you click Export Bookmarks, the Safari Bookmark Exporter will try to overwrite your Firefox bookmarks.html file if it exists. Click Save and agree to delete the existing one.
  5. Poof – your bookmarks are now in Firefox.
  6. Now go install bunches of cool Firefox extensions like Web Developer and Gmail Notifier!