Show File Paths in Dreamweaver

One thing that has always bugged me about Dreamweaver is that when I have a document open I can’t really tell which directory it’s from if it’s coming from a deeply nested folder in the site structure and I’ve opened it by means other than by using the Files panel (i.e. via search results). All Dreamweaver shows you is the file name and the folder it is sitting in. Not helpful if the directory you want to work with is /includes/languages/english/modules/shipping/ and you have a half dozen parallel documents open from /french/, /german/, /spanish/, /italian/, /portuguese/ and /japanese/.

There is a solution: Danilo Celic has a great extension that solves this problem elegantly, called CMX Document Path Toolbar. Very slick! It installs a toolbar that contains a selectable field with the document path, a button to select the file in the Files panel, and preferences for the width of the field and how you want the path displayed.