Getting my old graphics tablet running on Mac OS X 10.2

Deep in the darkest depths of my closet last week I found my old Wacom Intuos graphics tablet and, in a completely separate location, the pen that goes with it. A little Windex, scrape off the coffee stains and leftover crumbs, and it looked as good as new.

I used to never let this pen out of my hand Ω I had been using it over the hockey-puck style mouse that shipped with my first PowerMac G4. In fact, I remember using a rubber band to tie it to my wrist so I wouldnΩt lose it. But since switching to Mac OS X, a PowerBook G4, and going dual monitor, I had let the tablet slip away and back into the closet to collect dust.

Upon plugging it in, I noticed that Mac OS X instantaneously recognized the new device as a graphics tablet, since a new icon called Inkwell suddenly appeared in my System Preferences pas I had my son Max sitting in my lap and only had one hand since I had to use the other to keep him from jumping on my keyboard and writing something of his own composition