I met with a good friend of mine who is relocating himself and his wife out to the East Coast this afternoon. As I walked in the door, he handed to me what looked like an ugly cello case. “Here’s a little present” he said. It was, of all things, a guitarrón – the bass instrument for mariachi bands. I was cracking up – partly out of the sheer randomness of the object, and partly because it was a really nice gift! He poured me a glass of JD to soften the blow. I now owned a guitarrón! I guess I need to go buy a sombrero now.

This thing needs new strings, but is otherwise in great condition. I think the tuning is ADGCEA. That’ll be fun to figure out…

Update: There is a reason behind all this. A directive, if you will. I was serious about the sombrero thing. This is a torch that is being passed to me. There is a mariachi band, in need of a jackass Guitarrónista. I am not telling anyone where this is going down though. But if you happen to be there, you will know… πŸ˜‰