Blah-gee-nee-AH-lo-gee: The genealogical study of weblogs. OK, maybe that’s not the best coinage of a word, but it works for me. But don’t expect that to make it into the dictionary anytime soon… is an interesting site that attempts to chart the genealogy of the community of weblogs basically cataloging what weblogs were inspired by what other weblogs, and which weblogs may have been spawned from it. As of this writing, there are 4263 weblogs in the system. When I registered a few days ago, I seem to remember this number being in the 3000s. So that is either quite an impressive rate of increase, or I’m hallucinating again. Whatever. Anyway, the blog that inspired the blog that you are viewing at this very moment is the all-knowing and all-seeing Aldoblog.