Debate No.1 – Advantage

It was great fun watching the debate last night with all my Republican friends. I was definitely the odd man out, but as my grandmother always used to say, there’s nothing more dull than a conversation where everyone agrees all the time. Anyway, the especially fun part was to watch their faces contort in horror and disgust as Bush fumbled his way through, while Kerry soundly spanked him where it hurts the most.

I thought that for the most part, Kerry did an excellent job. He explained correctly how his opponents had spun his stances on issues were not simply the symptoms of a person who cannot make up one’s mind, but rather the logical courses of action when new information arises about a situation. Bush held on to the frightening stance that given the new information regarding Iraq and all, that he would have done things in exactly the same way. Amazing. Kerry showed poise, intelligence, and thoughtfulness, while Bush seemed desperate and even confused at times.

Going forward, if Kerry wants to really bring this game home, he needs to take the debate up one more notch. There were some really solid moments, but what I would like to see in the next debate is for him to deliver one timeless statement – something of historic proportion that is quotable for decades to come.

I hope everyone watches these debates. It is really important to be able to see what these guys are made of, and to not rely on the spinmasters to learn about the candidates and form your opinion. Every criticism, such as Kerry’s supposed indecisiveness, deserves an immediate and unfiltered rebuttal, so that the voter can evaluate the validity of such statements for themselves.