Interactive History of the Universe

I hope they keep this thing online a while: NOVA | Origins | History of the Universe | PBS

It’s a hifalutin title, but that’s what this feature offers-in a capsule version, of course. Our time line stretches from the big bang some 10 to 20 billion years ago to the time 10100 years in the future when even black holes, the last surviving remnants of the universe as we know it, will have disappeared. Along the way you’ll learn of how the early inflationary period led to the birth of stars and galaxies, then, many billions of years from now, to the end of same, including, of course, our own sun and Milky Way. Finally, an incomprehensibly long time after we’re gone, two eras tap out the final death throes of the universe: the so-called degenerate and dark eras. Ready to give it a whirl?

It’s always humbling to look at things of such a grand scale, that dwarf your existence, that will outlive you – not by just a few years or decades – but by hundreds of millions of centuries.