Death of a Ring

Yesterday Yingwen placed her wedding rings on her finger. During her pregnancy, they became a bit tight and uncomfortable, as most things do, so she took them off.

Well putting them back on was apparently a big mistake. She realized when it was too late that the rings were still way too tight. We tried everything – soap, cold water, even the trick of threading dental floss under the ring and spooled around her finger (which was the closest we got to getting the damn things off her finger – cool trick!) But in the end, this morning I went down to the hardware store and bought a nice heavy duty pair of wire cutters and snipped those bad boys off her hand. Had to cut them in two to get them off. Her poor finger is still red and bruised from those things. Jewelry is evil.

But it was pretty funny at the same time – she had this hilarious I’m-so-sorry-to-make-you-do-this-to-your-rings look on her face when I was cutting them to pieces and getting ready to throw them back into the Fires of Mordor. It’s no matter, since those rings were crap that was basically all a student could afford during college, and we’re getting new rings made next year for our 10-year anniversary anyway. Nice ones this time. Bling. But you can bet the replacement set will be a notch or two larger than needed, since given the amount of money I plan to spend on these puppies we’d probably rather lose a chunk of flesh than cut these things in half.