The Poverty President

Poverty, uninsured rates rose in 2003, U.S. says

The nation’s poverty rate increased to 12.5 percent in 2003 from 12.1 percent in 2002, the Census Bureau said. The number of Americans in poverty increased 1.3 million, reaching 35.9 million.

Among children, the poverty rate increased to 17.6 percent from 16.7 percent, with 12.9 million children in poverty.

Seems like it’s gotten proportionally worse for women workers:

Annual median earnings of men working full-time were unchanged at $40,668, while the earnings of women working full-time fell 0.6 percent to $30,724, the first decline since 1995.

Factor in inflation, and this is even more grim. Not only has the current administration done irreparable damage to our diplomatic relations and rolled back our rights and freedoms, our standard of living is actually decreasing too. Four more years!