Singapore’s Lee Caves

S’pore can’t back Taiwan if it provokes conflict – AUG 23, 2004

Singapore’s Lee said this after massive strong-arming from PRC goons after his visit to Taiwan:

‘If a war breaks out across the straits, we will be forced to choose between the two sides. As a friend of both sides, any decision will be painful. But if the conflict is provoked by Taiwan, then Singapore cannot support Taiwan,’ he said during his National Day Rally speech.

This is yet another politician parroting the PRC position. At the same time, Lee is afraid of condemning China’s threats of aggression and war.

Few leaders here are willing to stand up to China’s bullying tactics. Time and time again these leaders continually sacrifice Taiwan’s rights (and in the process, their own rights) at the altar of trade, saying anything the PRC likes just to gain special favors for doing business with them. War with Taiwan is not in the PRC‘s best interests, and repeating these fantastic claims only serves to further the personal interests of the demagogue in question at Taiwan’s expense.