Taiwan and China

Yesterday during a televised speech, TaiwanΩs president Chen Shui-Bian called for a referendum on the possibility of Taiwan unifying with the mainland PeopleΩs Republic of China, and consistently referred to the two countries as what they are Ω two separate countries.

And of course today, once again, the mainland PRC fanatics are now screaming that somehow Taiwan has always been a part of the PRC territory and that in no way will they tolerate the insubordinate talk of separatism in their ranks. Ugh… this is getting so boring.

It is quite sad that Beijing still insists on bullying Taiwan after all this time. When will they ever learn to move on with their lividea that she would be able to get on with her own life and be happy and independent one day. One can only hope that, given more time, the PRC will learn to cool down and respect the people from Taiwan as an independent state.