Concerts for Change

Musicians come together to swing voters from Bush / October concerts to blitz 9 toss-up states

Awesome! Dave Matthews, R.E.M., Dixie Chicks, Bruce Springsteen, James Taylor, Pearl Jam, Bonnie Raitt, John Mellencamp, and more, all performing on a tour dedicated to spreading the word for the cause that the current administration needs to go.

I especially love how the Bush campaign has tried to brand this widespread movement of popular musicians working together to spread this cause as a “Hollywood hate fest”. Wow – I’d fire that marketing goon that came up with that lousy attempt at bottom-feeding politics. That kind of slander is going to backfire, big time, because it is precisely these musical acts that do represent mainstream America. It’s one thing to dismiss a few small touring bands with low attendance, but here we are talking about major class acts from all over the country here. Springsteen doesn’t strike me as anything Hollywood, nor do any of the rest.