In Case You Didn’t Notice…

With all the glitz and pomp of the DNC coverage and news blips of Courtney Love’s rehab, the latest PC worm outbreaks, and Bush falling off his mountain bike again, it might have been easy to miss the news of the most disastrous event in Iraq since the “handover”:Suicide car bombing, attacks kill 113 in Iraq / U.S. soldier dies, 3 others wounded in roadside blast

On a day that saw the worst violence since sovereignty was turned over to an interim Iraqi government last month, the death toll rose to 68 in a suicide bombing outside a police station, while heavy fighting elsewhere claimed 44 more lives. At least one American soldier was killed by a roadside bomb northwest of Baghdad.

The attack in the tense city of Baquba, about 35 miles northeast of Baghdad, was the deadliest in Iraq since the June 28 transfer of political power from U.S. to Iraqi authorities. The carnage, exactly a month after the interim government assumed power, highlighted the lack of security that remains Iraqis’ greatest worry.

Would we be more secure with Bush in office? Hardly seems likely given the track record.