Take a Mac user to lunch…

This is a great LinuxWorld article on comparing costs between servers based on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. What may be suprising to many of you is, Mac OS X deployments are typically much cheaper overall, while offering excellent performance that is superior to Windows.

Apple has demonstrated that there is a clear and easy to implement solution to the Windows licensing problem by offering products like Xserve and Mac OS X Server by supporting unlimited Windows, Mac, and Unix cliens right out of the box and making their server the most cost-effective hardware choice for volume serving.

What’s more is, Apple has become the number one vendor of Unix hardware in terms of units sold. This provides a huge opportunity for Unix-based projects (and especially those open-source ones) to gain a wider foothold by making their offerings available to the rapidly-expanding Mac OS X market.

But the best part of all is, it’s all so easy.

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