Mobile Dreams

Apple strikes cell phone music deal | CNET

Outstanding move:

Apple Computer and Motorola announced a deal Monday that will let customers of the iTunes music store transfer songs onto the next generation of MP3-enabled phones from the handset maker.

Now that is a cool idea.

The holy grail of mobile technology is the ultimate all-in-one device. No-one wants to carry around a mobile phone, a pager, an MP3 player, and a PDA. Adding a little iTunes browsability and some music playback is a brilliant little move that would definitley get my attention when selecting my next phone. Let’s indulge in a bit of geek-struck fantasy for a moment, shall we?


Our ideal mobile device would have these features: GSM/GPRS phone, SMS, web browser with text-only preference and media="handheld" understanding, Bluetooth, basic contacts/calendar/task reminders apps, AIM, camera, and music player. The device would have a bright and easily-read touch screen that makes efficient use of a very compact form factor, the battery would be durable and long-lasting, and all the data would synchronize effortlessly with my Mac. The device accepts flash-based media cards. Most importantly, the device would have a minimum of moving parts and be shock and moisture resistant. (I have kids…)

For the camera, would over the top to ask for a wide-angle and telephoto lenses? Why yes, yes it would. Let’s not ask for that. But what about two (or more) megapixels? Yeah, sure, why not…


Any fashion girl knows that the key to looking sharp is knowing how to accessorize. The same goes for your garden variety geek. The perfect mobile device would offer a wide array of accessories to maximize productivity, ease of use, and l33t h4x0r d00d status. First off, nothing says “geek” like a nice Bluetooth stereo noise-cancelling headset. This unit doubles as microphone and stereo headphones, and has no wires to trip up on, and features incredible audio sound while cancelling out unwanted noise. Next, we want USB power. A simple, compact cable that will recharge the device from any USB source and will facilitate synchronization for the poor huddled masses who have not yet aquired Bluetooth. And finally, a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard. And no, not a full-size keyboard. We want a tiny, pocket-sized keyboard – even possibly a thumb keyboard like on the Treo, that could slip into a pocket, purse, or backpack, and be pulled out for setting reminders or creating text pages.


Finally, the device must come with an always-on GPRS flat-rate internet access plan that is affordably priced at $10 per month. Nobody wants to pay $40 per month for metered internet access for a screen the size of a half-dollar. Make your extra ducats by offering services such as stock trades, ringtones, app downloads (i.e. games), and songs from the iTunes music store. Add to that natinowide free long distance, international roaming, free SMS and voicemail, and three-way calling.

Singing: And a partridge in a pear tree….