Lawrence Lessig: Mr. O’Reilly, please just stop.

Every time I see Bill O’Reilly on the television, I immediately change the channel. He is so false, so misleading, so full of bullshit, so pathologically insane, that I cannot stand to watch him talk for even a few seconds. The fact that he is allowed to even keep his show in the face of such obscene behavior, mistreatment of his guests, and blatant all-out lying just goes to further confirm what a right-wing propaganda machine Fox “News” really is. So after reading this post by Larry Lessig and watching the associated clip, I was truly overcome with horror to discover that there was not a scrap of decency, not a hint of anything one could even remotely call “fair and balanced”.

Larry Lessig has done us a great service by pointing out this propagandist’s rabid, baseless attacks on one Jeremy Glick. If Jeremy hadn’t taken it so well during the interview, I’d feel very sorry for him for the abuse he took from O’Reilly, who was visibly frothing at the mouth during this non-interview. I was appalled and deeply offended to see O’Reilly distort the facts, to misrepresent Jeremy’s comments and actions, and to act with such violent hatred for another person’s legitimate opinions. One asks after watching this clip, why is O’Reilly still on the air?

Go read and see this horror-show for yourself.

Link via The Peking Duck.