You code geeks out there may have noticed that I recently added the W3C‘s Valid XHTML button thingy on some of the pages around this site. I’m finally getting around to combing through and making sure everything validates. Not all of it does yet, especially the older articles, and especially those older articles that were posted before I fixed this blog to properly support HTML tags, but I’m working on it. Please pardon our dust while we rennovate.

The button is mostly there to keep me honest. It is my goal to get all of these pages, including the old stuff, updated to validate as XHTML 1.0 Transitional. Most of the fixes involve unclosed tags in my weblog posts, or sloppy tag nesting.

Three new web design contracts this month. Yea! We will be propagating the joys of valid XHTML to the masses. Once I get these other guys up to snuff, I’ll post them here. Until then, please pardon their dust, too.