Taiwan Constitution Campaign

Taipei Times: Lee launches constitution campaign

Former president Lee Teng-hui (李登輝) yesterday led hundreds of supporters to launch the “Action for a Taiwanese Constitution (台灣制憲運動),” a private, non-governmental effort to campaign for the creation of a new Taiwan constitution. Lee said that the constitution should not contain the name “Republic of China” (ROC) and must assert Taiwan’s independent sovereignty.

Addressing the campaign’s inauguration ceremony, Lee, the general convener of the action, yesterday said this was an important moment for the people of Taiwan to begin building a real independent and sovereign country, which will be necessitated by the creation of Taiwan’s own constitution.

The new Taiwan constitution will ensure that Taiwan will become a normal country. This new constitution will deal with whether the country should adopt a three-branch governmental system and will define the relations between the administrative and legislative departments and ensure the impartiality of the judicial system. But above all, Taiwan’s national status must be defined clearly; that is, Taiwan is Taiwan, and not a part of China,” Lee said.

Of course, detractors will claim that this is reckless provocation and will upset the status quo. But would you have said the same to the American Founding Fathers when they drafted their constitution two hundred yeas ago?