Half Million Protest in Hong Kong

Another massive democracy march in Hong Kong: Yahoo! News – Hong Kong Stages Massive Democracy March

Of course, they are up against a frighteningly obtuse mentality from the mainland overlords:

In Hong Kong, a mainland visitor, 30-year-old accountant Bob Zhuang, watched the early morning demonstration for a few minutes and called the activists “stupid.”

Should such a protest really be allowed in this territory?” Zhuang asked, waving a red Chinese flag.

There you have it, tongzhi. Just wave a litte red flag and dismiss those silly half a million protesters in your little newly-claimed territory as “stupid.” Don’t bother taking the time to ask questions and try and understand what all the commotion is about, what the issues are, or why so many would brave sweltering heat and humidity to demand freedom and democracy. Just wave your litte red flag like a good little borg, dismiss everyone around you as stupid because they are contrary to your narrow point of view, and have another sip of your lemonade.