Get It While You Can

Senator says Cheney cursed at him while on Senate floor

Senate aides with knowledge of the encounter Tuesday said the vice president confronted Leahy about some of the Democrat’s criticism about alleged improprieties in Iraq military contracts awarded to Halliburton Co. Cheney, who as vice president is president of the Senate, is a former CEO of Halliburton.

Leahy responded by criticizing the White House for standing by allies who had accused Democrats of being anti-Catholic last year in opposing one of President Bush’s judicial nominees, said one Senate aide, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Cheney then responded, “F— off” or “F— you,” the aide said.

But we love Wonkette’s analysis best of all:

CNN is reporting that on the floor of the Senate yesterday, Dick Cheney told Sen. Pat Leahy, “Go fuck yourself.” We agree! Go fuck yourself — while it’s still legal!

UPDATE: Speaking of sodomy. . . Wonkette operatives tell us that the fighting words sprang from an exchange in which Cheney told Leahy he didn’t like what Leahy had been saying about Halliburton, to which Leahy replied that he didn’t like Cheney calling him a bad Catholic. So you’d see how “Go fuck yourself” is the only appropriate response.

Bless you, Wonkette.

Seriously though – that kind of visible contempt for his fellow lawmakers and lack of respect, dignity, or manners coming from our Vice President makes me really nervous for the state of mind of our leadership.

Not Funny Update: Cheney is now claiming he “felt better” after swearing at Leahy, and says he had it coming. It’s no longer just a silly outburst by a politician having a bad day; our vice president is condoning verbal abuse as therapy for personal frustrations – frustrations for things like, oh, say, having people question one’s war profiteering, or perhaps getting criticized for declaring war under false pretenses… Anyway, if I were petty and impressionable, I’d take these comments as justification to go tell anyone that crosses me to do like Cheney would have Leahy do. But I’m not going to go that low. That wouldn’t be the gentlemanly thing to do.