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SecurityFocus HOME Columnists: Time to Dump Internet Explorer

I could go on and on. Look, let’s be honest with each other. We all know this is true: IE is a buggy, insecure, dangerous piece of software, and the source of many of the headaches that security pros have to endure (I’m not even going to go into its poor support for Web standards; let that be a rant for another day). Yes, I know Microsoft patches holes as they are found. Great. But far too many are found. And yes, I know that Microsoft has promised that it has changed its ways, and that it will now focus on “Trustworthy Computing.” But I’ve heard too many of Microsoft’s promises and seen the results too many times. You know, fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Who’s shamed when it’s “fool me the 432nd time”? Who’s the fool?

I’ve said this many times – IE is bad for business. I’m happy to hear they’ve reformed the IE team over at Microsoft lately, and we can hope for some future improvement in security and web standards. But in the meantime, there are much better alternatives out there.