Should it be legal for a corporation to hack your computer?

According to this article on C|Net’s, the United States Congress is considering a proposal sponsored by the entertainment industry that would authorize these corporations to hack into a PC and disable it if that said computer was being used for potentially illegal file trading.

This essentially will authorize a corporation to bypass all kinds of due process and legal consumer protections to potentially ruin your computer because they suspect that you have traded one of their copyrighted items online. Does this in turn give the consumer the right to hack into their corporate enterprise system if it is suspected that they are abusing private customer data?

This kind of vigilante justice must not come to pass. There are already plenty of copyright protection laws in existence that protect the copyright holders, and the recording industry lawyers need to learn to work within the existing frameworks that are already in place. We do not need more laws. Especially not this one that can do such far reaching potential damage.

Here’s a link to contact elected officials in the United States.