Cho Gets Corked

They Turned Off the Mic

Margaret Cho gets booted off stage by the hotel owner for talkin’ liberal:

We’re still trying to figure out where the communication breakdown occurred. What we know is that the President of Omni Hotels ordered the sound guy, Pierre, to turn off the mic after about 10 mins. We were also told that he is a “close personal friend of George W. Bush.”

And then this update today:

Update 6/3/2004: Omni Hotels stopped payment on their check.

What a sleazeball. I’ll book my room reservations elsewhere from now on, thanks. You know – getting my mic pulled at a stupid company event like that wouldn’t bug me so much. But when the venue decides not to pay a check they’ve already issued because of a difference in political views, then I’m suing those sons-o-bitches.