Again the PRC Threatens Peace defends huge military buildup

China defended yesterday its aggressive military build-up to prevent Taiwan seeking independence and blamed the United States for the deteriorating state of cross-Strait ties.

It reads like the ramblings of a hysterical alcoholic that tries to blame everyone else around them instead of looking at themselves to discover the source of the problem. The only one to blame for deteriorating cross-Strait relations here is China’s fanatic obsession with the subjugation of Taiwan and their constant threats of violence against the island. It is time for the PRC to wake up and join the international community of nations and reject threats of violence against the 23 million citizens of Taiwan. Much like the wife-beater that cannot accept his own failings, resorting to violence in such a situation only means you are out of ideas – bent on one-sided thinking – unwilling to see another point of view – and not all that stable mentally. It is time to move on.