Taiwan’s Journalists Blocked from WHO

Taipei Times – WHO finds new way to snub Taiwan at summit

Mind boggling. This is just nutty:

The World Health Organization (WHO) has banned Taiwanese journalists from its annual summit in Geneva.

Authorities overseeing press accreditation for the World Health Assembly (WHA) confirmed yesterday that journalists holding Taiwanese passports would not be permitted to enter the assembly building.

According to the UN Department of Public Information, the office in charge of accreditation, this year’s regulations state that Taiwanese passport holders will not be issued press passes as Taiwan is not a UN member state.

One would think, after the recent SARS crises that the world would wake up and realize that the exclusion of Taiwan from world bodies like the WHO and the UN is an entirely bad idea. But due to special interests that seem to hate Taiwan’s democracy (China, in case that wasn’t obvious…), and the powers that seek to do business with such special interests at the expense of Taiwan’s sovereignty, freedom, and democracy, once again the Taiwanese are being treated in an absolutely horrible and unjust way. One must ask; why does the world seem to be in such a state of supine acquiescence to China’s threats? Is it purely greed – the prospect of selling a can of Coke™ to one quarter of the world’s population – that makes nations turn against Taiwan time and time again? What is your message to the world here? What are the values of freedom and democracy worth if you refuse to stand up for them?