Blogging in Mudville

SBC Park a hot spot for fans lugging laptops / Giants’ ball yard now outfitted with Wi-Fi

Humm baby. It’s baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Wi-Fi.

Our department at work is having a team offsite party at the Giants game Thursday afternoon! I’m of course bringing my PowerBook to geek out full time – pulling down stats, making fun of my poor friends who have to work via chat, and blogging the whole sordid event. I may need to get one of those beer bong hats so I can keep both hands on the keyboard at all times.

They say it’s coming in the future, to be able to order food and drinks and have it delivered right to your seat from your laptop or PDA on the network. Damn, now that would be cool – order me up a bratwurst and an Anchor Steam, and maybe a souvenir cap while I’m at it. It’s crap like this that would definitley get me to show up to games more often…