Repression in HK gains momentum

Reuters | China rules out Hong Kong elections

I can hear the gooey crunching sound as China squishes Hong Kong’s democratic aspirations like an unwanted insect in the kitchen. Tsang’s quotes sound best if you use your best domaneering, misanthropic, bent sociopathic dictator voice:

There will be no universal suffrage for electing the third Chief Executive in 2007,” Tsang Hin-chi, a Hong Kong member of the NPC’s Standing Committee, told reporters in Beijing on Monday.

There will be no universal suffrage for all legislators,” he said, referring to elections due in 2008. His comments were carried live on Hong Kong’s Cable Television.

The move is part of a campaign by Beijing since the start of the year to contain Hong Kong’s democratic aspirations that it fears could produce leaders who will challenge its control.

Sad, but hardly suprised given China’s abysmal track record. Add your own evil “mua-ha-ha-ha” at the end of Tsang’s statements and you have the opening scene for a great sci-fi epic, kind of like the way they opened Star Wars with Darth Vader’s ominous entry at the start of Episode IV.