GMail spot

Aldoblog: G-Man!

Why a state senator feels the need to “protect” people from something they don’t have to sign up for is beyond me. More proof that politicians are publicity hounds first, uninformed technophobes second, and advocates for genuine public good dead last.

Couldn’t agree more with Michael’s assessment – GMail is entirely an opt-in email offering. Don’t use it if you don’t like it.

Update: Kerim sent me this via email, and he makes an excellent point:

The GMail issue is a little more complex than a typical “opt-in” situation. The fact is that you might not use GMail, but someone you correspond with regularly might. That means that all your messages to them are subject to provisions that you yourself have not agreed to! I’m still not sure that it is anything to be majorly concerned about, but it isn’t so simple either. For instance, after 180 days online archives can be searched without a warrant, while e-mail on your own computer cannot. I already use IMAP so this would apply to me already – but yet again, the point is that there are issues here which must be discussed carefully.