Selective Transcription

Yahoo! News – China Says Media Didn’t Censor Cheney

Tongzhi, there is no censorship at all! Where do you see censorship? Ah that is nothing – just a rushed transcription is all, minor detail, dosen’t matter. We’ll just forget about that one, eh tongzhi?…

In one segment of his speech, Cheney spoke of “rising prosperity and expanding political freedom” across Asia. But the Chinese transcript refers only to “rising prosperity.”

Cheney also said that when people experience economic liberty they “desire greater freedom in expressing their views and choosing their leaders” – comments that weren’t included in the Chinese version.

The Chinese transcript also excludes Cheney’s support for the Taiwan Relations Act, a U.S. law that requires Washington to supply the island with defensive weapons. China insists self-ruling Taiwan is part of Chinese territory and has called on the United States to stop arming it.

An editor at the People’s Daily who gave only her surname, Chen, said: “There was no censorship at all.” She said the transcript was based on a simultaneous translation.

It takes real solid brass cojones to lie through your teeth like that – but then Cheney should be used to that sort of thing.