It’s (gonna be) a boy!

Yingwen and I just found out that our opus 2 will be another strapping young lad. Very cool – Max will have a little brother. They are going to RULE! And, I get to keep my office. πŸ˜‰ But poor Yingwen will have to put up with three of us now. Three stinky boys, leaving stuff everywhere, tracking mud, and forgetting to lift the toilet. Heh…

The sonogram clearly showed his little feet in one shot – he was kicking and squirming around in there. You can see his head and arm in another, and it looks so clear it could almost be a regular black and white photo. He is completely healthy and developing right along as he should. In a few months, he will inhale his first breath of the outside world and we’ll be able to meet him face to face.

Meiosis is amazing in what it can come up with.