The Scars of Democracy Chen sets stage for recount – Mar 27, 2004

Yes, by all means a recount is in order in such a narrow election. But the conspiracy rumors and extremism of the pan-Blue camp is way over the top. I wonder if the opposition supporters can ever accept an outcome that doesn’t put their candidate in Taiwan’s presidency at this point. They have been so radicalized and frenzied by the overheated rhetoric that I doubt they would ever concede–no matter how fair or how thorough a recount was performed, or how obvious it ever becomes that the poorly-executed assassination attempt was authentic and not just some bizarre and pathetic ploy to win votes. (WTF? I’m sorry, but that whole notion of a fake shooting is just absurd.) For them, I fear the conspiracy theories will forever be the truth, and will probably remain a prominent feature of Taiwan’s political scenario for years to come.