One Nation One Nation, Under Hallmark, Indivisible

It is a wonderful thing when one single person with a belief, in the face of daunting obstacles and violent opposition, has taken his case all the way to the Supreme Court and persevered. This just goes to prove in the end that what is right and what is just, even if it is wildly unpopular, cannot be ignored if the ones that care are persistent and truthful.

Newdow’s argument before the Supreme Court has been well thought out and carefully prepared. To quote the article: “…whatever you may think about God or the pledge, if you really apply the case law and really think “God” means “God,” then Newdow is right.” And I agree. However, I am afraid thought that with a congress, Supreme Court, and White House that is practically one-hundred percent Judeo-Christian, the personal beliefs of the judges and lawmakers will interfere with the outcome of this case. They would have to see past their own religious beliefs and put themselves into the shoes of a non-monotheist for a moment to give this thing a fair shake. And that is a very hard thing to do, even for a Supreme Court justice that is supposed to be the embodiment of impartiality. But if Newdow does win out, then he will have accomplished something most impressive.