Shooting in Taiwan

Yahoo! News – Taiwan President Shot, Says Nation Secure

On the eve of a major election in Taiwan, incumbent Pres. and VPs Chen Shui-Bian and Annette Lu were both grazed by bullets in a failed assasination attempt. Chen now holds the dubious place in history of being the first Taiwanese president to be shot. It is sad to think that no place in the world is safe from such violence. Thankfully, both are OK and the wounds were minor.

We plan to stay up all night watching the election results unfold, cheering Chen and Lu on of course, and hoping for a massive Green Camp turnout. It amazes me that the polls were slightly tilted toward the KMT camp a few days ago – Lien Chan and James Soong are such a couple of stiff and shady weasels. Why anyone would want to elect that is beyond me – but especially that guy Soong, who seems to want to be president so badly you can see him salivate behind his running-mate Chan. This election should be a real cliffhanger.