Cool Stuff

First cool item is Silk, a haxie for Mac OS X. This enables Quartz text antialiasing in all your Carbon applications, making text look beautifully smooth and getting rid of the look of jagged and pixelated text from your system almost entirely. This really makes apps look good – almost too good…

Next is Mozilla 1.0. I have finally switched away from MSIE to this version of Mozilla on the Mac OS X. (I had swiched to Mozilla on Windows at version 0.9.2.) The performance is now quite good on OS X, and while theres still a couple of little bugs here and there, everything is working quite well. Features that rule over IE include: Consistent form elements, tabbed browsing, client X509 certificate support, better form menus than I’ve seen on any other Mac browser, full suite of tools in context menus, Page Info command, intelligent character set management, correct rendering of non-Roman character sets in menus and title bar, skins, and the list goes on.

Finally, Navzilla is a very nice looking skin for Mozilla that is based on the look and feel of Chimera , a very promising Mac OS X offshoot of the core Mozilla project.

Running Mozilla in conjunction with the Silk haxie and the Navzilla skin makes for a quite nice web browser. (Update: Mac OS X 10.2 “Jaguar” renders this obsolete.)