Riding the coattails of a disaster

Bush is using the tragedies of the 9/11 attacks that happened on his watch as a showboat for his political career. I am truly offended. This guy refuses to cooperate with congressional investigations on the issue and only offers a token gesture of agreeing to no more than one hour of closed door discussion on the issue with select members of the congressional panel, drags his feet on supporting the families affected, uses the event as justification for rolling back every fanatic ultra-conservative right-wing agenda item he has on his list, and gets distracted in the hunt for the perpetrators of this autrocity by embarking on his own personal vendetta to avenge his daddy in Iraq. And in spite of all this, he still has the cojones to use the ruins of the World Trade Center as his own personal soapbox for whipping up the public into a patriotic frenzy in his quest for reelection. This is not what I would call a moral person, to approve such distateful use of what should be considered sacred ground.