The Great Wall of Democracy

Mercury News: Over a Million Form Human Chain in Taiwan

1.2 million people joined hands in Taiwan to form a human chain of solidarity against Chinese aggression towards the island nation, on February the 28th – a date etched in Taiwan’s history that remembers the tragedy of a crackdown by the Chinese in 1947 that led to up to 28,000 Taiwanese killed in the name of suppression of Taiwanese nationalism. The human chain met, joined hands, turned to the east (with their backs facing China), and shouted “Taiwan Yes, China No!” 1.2 million people. Man, that’s a lot. Considering that the population of Taiwan is approximately 23 million, that means a little over 5% of the entire population of Taiwan was involved.

The elections in Taiwan are fast approaching. On the one hand is an incumbent president that stands for Taiwan’s sovereignty and identity. The main opposition ticket is a couple of mainland-born carpetbaggers who promise a return to the previous status quo of ambiguity but threaten to push Taiwan closer to annexation by the Chinese.

To hell with the status quo – it is time for Taiwan to stand up for itself for a change and stop bowing to pressure from foreign nations like China and the United States. The idea of strategic ambiguity is a wolf in sheep’s clothing – it is an idea based on false assumptions and serves the agenda of those that would like to subjugate Taiwan and profit on the mainland, and is wholly unfair to the people of Taiwan and an insult to world dignity.