Outrage! Bush snubs Taiwan in favor of Chinese agression

U.S. clearly warns Taiwan against independence bid – The Washington Times: Nation/Politics

Chen Shui-bian, president of the Republic of China (Taiwan), has called for a March 20 referendum that would demand that China stop threatening the island and remove hundreds of missiles pointed at the island.

“We don’t welcome the referendum,” the Bush official said, adding that the administration is concerned that its passage might lead to a declaration of independence.

OK just think about the logic here. Taiwan wants to hold a referendum on wether or not the island nation should demand that China stop threatening war and to remove the missiles pointed at them. Sounds fair enough.

Bush however has backpedaled on his pledge to support Taiwan, just like freakin’ Clinton and just about every other president since Nixon, has publicly denounced Taiwan’s bid for peace and freedom. In this statement, Bush has given even more clout to China’s war drum against Taiwan. He’s saying “OK, China: It’s OK for you to point missiles at Taiwan. And Taiwan: it is not OK for you to be a free and democratic nation.” What a freakin’ spineless sell-out.

Taiwan is a democracy. The United States should support democracy, but it doesn’t. It supports money and political back-door deals. But as for democracy, well it looks like that is becoming more and more of an inconvenience to this administration.