My New PowerBook

I got my new PowerBook today. Yea! This one is the new 12″ PowerBook G4 with the 1 GHz CPU and SuperDrive. This one still ships with 10.2, but I’ll get my up-to-date upgrade to 10.3 in the mail eventually. I have it installed with 768 MB RAM which should be adequate for now. Files are copying from my backup drive as we speak – 3.1 GB completed, and only 15.8 GB to go – mostly graphics files and music, and my overburdened Entourage profiles. I need to clean out my inbox one of these years. I still need to go down and pick up a wireless card this week. Man, this thing screams in comparison to the old original 500 MHz PBG4 that I’ve been lugging around the past two years.

Ah, 14.7 GB remaining. We’re making progress…

I was originally going to go for the 15″ one, with the backlit keyboard and all the other goodies. But I was thinkin’ with all the train commuting I’ll be doing starting next week it’ll be nice to have a little compact easily portable unit and still be able to go dual monitor when at home. And it could be just me, but I believe that the built in speaker output sounds much better on this little one than it did on the 15″ and 17″ models.

13.1 GB remaining. Progressing along nicely. Gotta love FireWire RAID. I should really mothball some of this stuff. I’m sure I don’t need to look at 99% of my old Photoshop sign layouts anytime soon.

Man, can’t wait to install 10.3 on this one. Must focus – resist urge to continually dick around with said laptop… But 10.3 is so cool – has so many enhancements and new features… Must focus – danger Will Robinson… (arms flailing) Ah screw it – resistance is futile… Only 2.2 GB left to go now. Time to go pour myself a beer and get ready to sit down and see what this thing can do.