Geek Books

Just finished, or rather put down, the Macromedia Flash MX Training from the Source book. I got about 80% of the way through it and, while I found the book somewhat interesting and informative (despite some code typos here and there), I just got installed my copy of Flash MX 2004 and I would much rather go through the What’s New docs on that thing right now than mess with what’s going to be basically obsolete information as of, well, today.

Now I have a dilemma. Despite of course the fact that I’m going to be messing around a bit with the new Flash stuff, Flash itself isn’t exactly my meat and potatoes. No, no it’s more of a side dish. An appetizer, if you will, or maybe a dessert. What I’ve really been waiting to sink my teeth into are these two books: Eric Meyer’s “Eric Meyer on CSS”, and Jeffrey Zeldman’s “Designing with Web Standards”. Ugh, I hate it when I have too much stuff to read. The line of books that I purchased enthusiastically and never found time to go through now scowl at me from their perch high up on my bookshelf, waiting in earnest. No more bookstores or until I finish what is in the current queue.

So now that I think about it, look at the TOCs, browse around and all that, I think I’m going to move forward on Zeldman’s book first. His covers more topics at a somewhat higher level – talks about standards, theory, religion, and then moves on to discuss XHTML, CSS, DOCTYPE switching, and other nice geeky web coder topics. Meyer’s book is, as the title implies, strictly focused on the study of CSS, and is a lot more hands on. So, if I have planned this right I should finish the Zeldman one just before the holidays start up and then I’ll have more time to go through the examples in Meyer’s book during Thanksgiving and/or Xmas break.

And off I go…