Sharing Adobe InDesign 2.0 files between Mac and Windows

Adobe InDesign 2.0 files are compatible between Macintosh and Windows. Often Windows users receive InDesign 2.0 files that originated on the Mac, and complain that they cannot open the files.

To open a Mac InDesign 2.0 file on Windows, simply be sure to add the “.indd” suffix to the file name.

Mac users should get in the habit of adding “.indd” to their InDesign 2.0 file names. I’m amazed that Adobe didn’t build this in to the Save dialog box, as they did with Illustrator and Photoshop.

Now, adding .indd to the end of the file won’t solve your problems when the design firm you’re sending the files to has an old, outdated copy of InDesign, you’re on 2.0, and they don’t tell you that they haven’t upgraded yet…