Working with ActionScript in BBEdit

Today I was working with coding some ActionScript in Flash MX and, well let’s just say I grew tired of the way it was displaying my code. Oh all right – the code editor in Flash MX is funky. Buggy rendering and cursor placement problems that pop up intermittently. They go away if I close and reopen the panel, but why should I even have to bother? This would be so much easier in BBEdit, I thought to myself. But then I’d miss the automatic text coloring (which I need because my eyes tend to act kind of funky lately and I often go cross-eyed looking at this stuff).

And lo and behold, someone thankfully wrote a BBEdit Plugin for ActionScript… It recognizes .as files as ActionScript by default, change the colors in Preferences, and you can set the language in the Document Preference menu on the document toolbar, just like everything else. Nice!