Importing Entourage Contacts into Mozilla Thunderbird

Quick tip for Entourage users who want to try out: To import your Entourage contacts into Thunderbird, do the following:

1. In Entourage, export your contacts to a text file by choosing File > Export Contacts.
2. Open your file in Excel or another spreadsheet program and insert a new field called Display Name. You will need this field for best results in Thunderbird.
3. In Excel, make a formula to concatenate the First Name and Last Name fields. For me, this formula looked like this: =concatenate(A2+” “+A3). The single empty space in quotes ensures that the first name and last name will display correctly in Thunderbird.
4. Save your work in Excel and close your document.
2. In Thunderbird, choose Tools > Import
3. On the resulting dialog, select the Address Books button and click Next.
4. Select the Text file (LDIF, .tab, .csv, .txt) and click Next
5. Navigate to your exported text file in the Open dialog box that appears, select it and click Open.
6. In the next dialog, you need to match up the fields from your Entourage export fields to your Thunderbird import fields. This dialog leaves a lot to be desired, but it will work if you are patient. I was not – only mapped the First Name, Last Name, Display Name, and Email fields. Click OK, then Finish, and you’re done.