Potty Training

So we have been potty training max now for a few months. He’s basically got it down now to where he only has to wear the diaper at night, and he seems to have picked up a few more skills in the process.

Max is 2 years and 4 months old. I just witnessed the following: After he was finished, he got up on the sink, turned on the sink, washed his hands thoroughly, including soap, rinsed, got down and dried his hands with a towel, and then turned off the light on his way out.

Good hygiene and energy conservation.. not bad! It’s amazing to think that not too long ago his only five skills were eat, scream, giggle, stare into space, and shit. And now he’s getting all sophisticated, doing things in the proper order, and making intellectual decisions. What they say is true – kids do grow up quickly.