Slanting the Facts

I don’t know, it seemed obvious to me the whole time this was going on because of the purely ludicrous nature of the clams that came out of the White House. Now it seems that several insiders to U.S. national security are accusing the Bush administration of deliberately skewing the facts and engaging in a gross misuse of our government agencies to do so.

This Reuters article describes more details regarding, as a group of veteran intelligence professionals put it, “a policy and intelligence fiasco of monumental proportions.” To quote again from this group’s report: “In intelligence there is one unpardonable sin ? cooking intelligence to the recipe of high policy. There is ample indication this has been done with respect to Iraq.”

What was the end goal that prompted our president to hijack our intelligence apparatus and distort the facts to sway public opinion to be in favor of this ugly war? Was it just the oil? Was it because Saddam was coming after his daddy?

We have been lied to. The hordes of caches of weapons of mass destruction that we used to claim justification for this invasion simply aren’t there. And yet time and time again we were told that we would be tripping over gallons and gallons of chemical and biological weapons.

It is very sad and very maddening to know that our president did this to serve his own personal aims, at the expense of the lives of our brave soldiers in the armed services, and at the expense of the lives of many innocent Iraqi civilians. Let us not make this mistake of reelecting this guy next time, eh?