Lobbying works

The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Here’s a short excerpt from the current website status report from Macromedia.

All browsers matter… When we designed the site, we reviewed the logs of our ‘classic site’ (our current site at the time) and found that 91% of our customers used Internet Explorer or Netscape. We tested the site on both the Windows and Mac platforms using these browsers, and things looked good.

Apple announced Safari, a new browser, at Macworld in early January. It was released as a beta; so we tested Macromedia Flash applications with it and found a number of problems. We worked with Apple on these issues, and Apple released a second beta of the browser, which addressed the issues with our site. Because of the beta status of Safari, we expected some problems, but were surprised by the volume of comments we received. Even though Mac users represented only 11% of all users who accessed the site, more than 41% of the survey respondents were Mac users. During beta 2, we released new style sheets that addressed rendering issues we were having with Safari.