Something is seriously wrong with the WHO

The World Health Organization again has denied Taiwan’s application for membership. Meanwhile, new cases and deaths from SARS in Taiwan is skyrocketing, and may already be out of control. This decision to exclude Taiwan in the face of such a disaster is an affront to the 22 million people of Taiwan, and to all of humanity.

Because of China’s incessant disregard for the sovereignty and welfare of their neighbors in Taiwan, this nation is denied membership in the global medical community. The obvious consequence of this is what we are seeing today: A massive outbreak of a disease while China and the world sit there playing politics. Exclusion from the WHO makes it much harder for Taiwan to fight this crisis effectively. Unlike their other Asian neighbors, Taiwan has not been included in the latest WHO data and advice on containing, treating and preventing this deadly disease.

At least this time the United States stood by Taiwan this time in their bid for recognition by the WHO. For once, I am actually proud of something we did, and this shows that with enough grass-roots support we can facilitate change in this country. Other countries should follow suit. It is time to stop this lie once and for all. And now we in the United States should put pressure on our leaders to use some diplomatic leverage to help tip the scales with other nations that did not support Taiwan this time around.

The whole PRC-fabricated notion that there is “only one China, and Taiwan is a part of it” is a load of pure crap. It is a lie that is meant to confuse you, to help compromise your sense of logic, to give a toehold to the PRC’s claim over Taiwan in other countries’ foreign policies, and has little to do with the reality and the history of the relationship between the People’s Republic of China and Taiwan. Make no mistake: the PRC has never in it’s existence ruled over Taiwan, the two countries have separate and distinct borders, political systems, currencies, passports, etc. To believe that Taiwan belongs to the PRC is to take an enormous leap of faith, to ignore the facts of history, and to play in to an oppressive, aggressive, totalitarian regime’s bid to take over a sovereign nation.

I’m sorry for the rant, but it just pisses me off every time I read this crap. It is so incredibly unfair, so incredibly frustrating, so incredibly stupid. Why in this day and age do people have to play such stupid political games at the expense of human lives? Why do nations continue to play this game and pay lip service to the PRC’s bid for the subjugation of Taiwan? Argh……