Spirited Away

I just watched Hayao Miyazaki’s animated film “Spirited Away” on DVD. This movie is a fantastic tale about a young girl that is lost in a spirit world as she tries to save her parents. As she takes up a job in a bathhouse for the spirits, she is put through several trials all in an effort to turn back the spell that has been cast upon her parents and to find a way out of the spirit world. This is an amazing, fascinating, must-see movie. I had seen Mizayaki’s old Totoro episodes and there was definitely a huge resemblance in the character and feel between the two. The artwork in this film is gorgeous, and the story line is strangely captivating. The whole thing is like one big dream sequence, almost as if it was written from a subconscious state (and for that matter, so is Totoro). And at the same time the movie really does a beautiful job of highlighting, from a childhood perspective, so many experiences and emotions such as apathy, fear, courage, determination, and love. This one definitely goes into my list of favorite movies of all time.