Suppression of Dissent

Yesterday as I was speaking with some co-workers about the McCarthy hearings, and I had remarked that the same kind of thing was going on today. One of my co-workers asked me who was being profiled by the government in this day and age, and I was a bit surprised that he didn’t know the answer – the answer of course being Muslims and political dissenters.

Government profiling of people here in America based on their religious or ethnic backgrounds or even their political opinions is as rampant today as it ever was. The INS has unfairly targeted immigrants of certain muslim nations for questioning, tracking programs, and in some cases detainment and deportation. Meanwhile dissenters against Bush’s hawkish policies have been subject to mistreatment by law enforcement agencies, discriminatory employment practices, mass media censorship, and even secret government profiling of individuals.

The ACLU has released a document entitled “Freedom Under Fire: Dissent in Post-9/11 America” It’s a good overview of both the current state of the suppression of dissent and it also puts everything into historical context – this is nothing new to us and something we need to continue to fight for. If you don’t realize that people in America are still subject to these sorts of injustices, then now is the time to open your eyes.