It’s All CSS From Now On

I coded my first professionally-done pure CSS-laid-out website today. Why oh why have I been slaving over tables for so long? Oh yeah, because I was striving for backwards-compatability with older web browsers. Well, I think that now that it is the year 2003, I can finally safely remove myself from the baggage of the legacy practices of my forefathers and start focusing on some more modern technology.

I usually use Dreamweaver about 80% of the time when working on these sites. However I found that DWMX ain’t all there just yet when it comes to CSS layouts, and it was just getting in my way and messing up my code most of the time. I found it much easier to just crunch through it all in BBEdit and use Dreamweaver for site sync and a few nice built in behaviors. I have high hopes and expectations that the next release of Dreamweaver will be more CSS friendly. It is a great product. I just feel that it encourages you to write using tables and inline styles instead of encouraging the coolness of CSS.

Well so far my site looks awesome in Safari, Camino, Mozilla, and Internet Exploder on Mac OS X. There were some minor issues with rendering using Mozilla on X11, but it looks great on that platform in it’s own way. I’ll test it on Winhose on Monday.